PAMOHAEM Granules - (250gm)

Product Description:
                                        The normal levels of hemoglobin in the body range vaies in males and females. A deficiency of hemoglobin would decrease the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This also decreases the number of red blood cells resulting in a condition called anemia. Causes of low levels of hemoglobin levels include poor nutrition, certain diseases affecting the bone marrow, chronic diseases like cancer and kidney disease, blood loss, certain drugs and cancer therapy. Low levels of hemoglobin contribute to a variety of symptoms such as dizziness, lethargy, pale skin, and if severe, result in organ damage.
                                        PAMOSA introduces PAMOHAEM....this medicine helps the individual to improve his hemoglobin content & effectively to treat iron deficiency. This leads to proper bone growth & maintains all round health . With improved hemoglobin levels we lead an energetic & "youthful" life.

Achieve better health & Greater happiness by adopting Ayurveda in life...& for better life..PAMOHAEM


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