GRINOPYL - (20gm)

Product Description:

1. Why we used powder compare to tablet or Capsules
2. Powder found quick abortion and long time bioavability
3. We had done minimum 500 trials on patients

● Very effective in the management of all stages of Piles- even bleeding pile [Hemorrhoids].
● Improves appetite, maintains good Digestion and provides very good relief from constipation
● Grinsons Phytoherb using water extract which is 2nd company in all India.
● 100% herbal in nature
● Safe Ayurvedic proprietary medicine
● No side effect on the skin
● Instant relief on All grade of piles specially in operative/bleeding patients.
● Avoid operation in piles.
● Easy way to recover fissure by anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity
● Fistula by antimicrobial activity.
● Water extract is more potent than crude herb.
● Use of Pharmacology to study Ayurveda.
● Powder give more bio-avability and better absorption than tablets and capsule.

"Unbelievable Relief- believes it!”
Very Effective in the management of all stages of Piles


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