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Presently “Hair fall” has become widely prevalent in today’s generation. Hair is made of a protein called “keratin” which grows from follicle, a skin organ that produces hair. What we see is the upper part of the hair, while the root is under the follicle. Experts say that the way we shed dry skin every day, we also shed dead hair. Hair loss of 50 strands of hair in a day is normal, but if the number is more than this, and then it can be termed as the hair fall problem. The quality of your hair, its growth, strength etc. depends a lot on the blood circulation, cleaning of the hair, clean scalp and also diet. Dirty scalp, leads to blocking of the follicles, which leads to infection and finally dead hair. Your hair also needs nutrients to grow. If they don't receive it, they become weak and shed. Several studies have proved that adequate amount of protein, iron and vitamin are required to prevent hair loss. PAMOSA understands these problems of “hair loss” & now offers a one stop solution....................
             We are pleased to offer you a realistic Ayurvedic solution, which is 100% organic, containing all the essential nutrients required for healthy & lustrous hair....................” PAMOSA Hair Oil”

PAMOSA Hair Oil...Complete Solution For Hair Problems


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