KIDOSHARP - ( 600gm )

Product Description:

It is said that today’s children are tomorrow’s national wealth. Out of total Indian populations around 40% populations is of children’s, so it is clear that when a child becomes healthy intelligent automatically, that nation becomes wealthy. Today everybody wants one or two children having good Health & Intelligence. In children, body systems & tissues are in developing stage requiring proper health care, nutrition & awareness to update their optimum growth. Ayurveda, the healthcare science of India advocate a definite cause, signs & symptomatology & medicine for establishment of health. Definite methods of management for various disorders are also highlighted in ayurved. Children’s are most vulnerable community owing to low immunity & maturity with risk factors like infection, poor hygiene & poor nutrition. Nuclear family system, busy professional life & competition in present educational system also contribute a lot to stress related problems in children. These in turn may result in poor performance. Thus promotion of overall health & intelligence is the need of this hour. Ayurveda Indian system of medicine is one among them that always emphasizes on promotion of health & disease prevention. Various healthcares regimen are practiced in India to obtain healthy offspring & ayurveda is the treasure for it .


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