PAMOHRUD - (60 Capsules)

Product Description:

The Heart is an important organ of our body, which comprises of muscles & tissues. This provides the entire body with supply of blood to each & every cell in the human body. In the coronary artery, extra deposition of cholesterol & triglycerides leads to “atherosclerosis” This can lead fatal heart diseases & diabetic conditions. If there is a development of blood clot inside the blood vessel, then there is an obstruction in blood circulation, which can lead to reduced oxygen supply to the muscles, there is distinct possibility of heart attack. Take Pamohrud and stay away from fatal heart diseases.

In today’s life to treat the heart diseases is not easily affordable for the common man.
Hence PAMOSA is bringing to you a very effective remedy for heart diseases................PAMOHRUD!

Pamohrud is an effective Ayurvedic remedy which helps to reduce cholesterol ,fat & blood clots. This greatly improves the blood circulation in the human body.


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