PENOCIL Capsules - (90 Capsules)

Product Description:
Being a victim of Arthritis is a very painful experience. Is there any reason for you to bear this torturous pain anymore..................
          PAMOSA now brings to you an organic based effective remedy for Arthritis! Penocil is the natural & effective answer to bring total relief from Arthritis. In today’s world Arthritis is widely found in all walks of life. Hence Ayurved has researched & is now ready to proudly offer you this product, to give you remedy from such torturous pain.

The following are indications of Arthritis:
1) Swelling of joints.
2) Stiffness in joints.
3) Intense pain & swelling in joints.
4) Difficulty of movements.
5) Crepts in joints.
6) Burning sensation in hands & feet.
                          To bring you relief from such torturous pain, arising from stiffness in joints & to improve the joints & muscles in our body, by reducing stress & worry...............we now bring you Penocil.


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