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We live in a world of people who make snap judgments about others based on a one or two second first impression. If that impression is you getting out of a filthy car to go into the store, the person next to you may assume that your personal habits and housekeeping are no better.

The roads we drive on are not perfect. Because of this, your car will get dirty, and it will show more so on colors like white. Dirt, rocks and debris from the streets can all hit your car while you’re driving, or even when it’s parked. Having a routine car wash every few weeks is essential to making sure that this debris gets off your car. Not to mention, when it rains, mud can get on your tires and then get on the paint, or dirty puddles get splashed on your car. This all takes a toll. One of the worst things for a car are bird droppings. Some people let it sit there and wait till its goes away with rain. However, this is not good and a car wash is needed. After 24 hours, the acid seeps in and can mess up the paint on your car. A car wash can solve all of your problems, and they’re very cheap as well. You can always wash the car by hand as a nice fun family activity. Overall, a car wash can help keep your car looking squeaky clean, as well as maintain its value.

Besides helping keep your car looking nice and clean, getting a regular car wash is also an important part of car maintenance and can also help to protect the exterior of your car from the damage that dirt, oil and debris can cause to your paint. While many people choose to use a professional car wash service to get their car’s clean, others may choose to do it themselves with the right products and tools. If maintaining the outside of your vehicle is not done correctly or often enough, then your car could end up with deep scratches and damage that will lead to dull paint and the development of rust.

We have researched and tested many different brands to come up with our recommendations. Each of our chosen top 3 preform consistently and leave your vehicles paint looking refreshed and renewed.

Our objective is to provide you with all of the information you need in order to find a car wash that will do everything it promises. It will keep your car clean and paint shiny without damaging the paint or strip the wax. Years ago cars needed to be waxed frequently. With today’s paints, the clear coat finish helps preserve the paint. With a top quality car wash , you only need to wax your vehicle a few times a year with great success.

Whether you choose to wash your car yourself or have someone else do it, you’ll be sure to benefit from the information we’ve compiled to help you find the most effective, affordable and convenient ways to get your car clean.

To keep your vehicles paint looking vibrant and new, frequent washings with the proper equipment will get the job done. But which cleaners should you use. There are car wash that all advertise that they are the best. Which ones will actually produce top quality results.

Washing your car is often a weekly ritual for car enthusiasts. There is a lot of pleasure in cleaning your car and having a ride you are proud to drive. Aside from the aesthetics, having a clean exterior of your car will extend the life of the paint and finish giving you a new looking car for many years. If you have neglected your car’s paint and exterior for several years, the paint damage may be irreparable. PAMOFRESH Car Wash is one of the best way to maintain your car’s finish and keep it looking new.

PAMOFRESH Car Wash have a conditioner or shine enhanced formula that will give your vehicle a shiny paint finish. All of the top brands will protect the paint, maintain the clear coat finish and leave the vehicles paint looking fresh and vibrant.

The all natural formula solution will provide a high gloss finish without leaving any streaks. The dirt and grime are lifted away and then can easily be rinsed off without any harsh abrasives.

The formula will preserve the paint and finish of your vehicle and offers an environmentally friendly solution for car wash. PAMOFRESH car wash will give you high levels of suds for washing and cleaning your vehicle. It is also formulated to give you a streak free finish that will leave your vehicles paint shining like new with its high gloss finish.

The formula is strong enough to lift dirt and grime along with other contaminants that get on your car during the course of driving each week. Built into the formula is a shampoo along with a conditioner. The conditioner leaves the paint looking fresh and radiant without the need for frequent waxing.

  • Gives long lasting shiny and glossy look to your car, also applicable for TYRES, RIMS, and SEAT COVERS & INTERIORS.
  • Car shampoo applies unique formula and features outstanding performance.
  • Rich and stable foam, constancy attach on to the surface, instantly decompose dirt with powerful function.
  • Can make car gloss without damaging the coating surface.
  • Car wash cars viscous liquid is going to clean the outside and inside parts.
  • Pamofresh car shampoo includes wetting agents in water, they useful for the deep cleaning.


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