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Product Description:

• As with designer clothes or expensive cars, a high-quality perfume or cologne can also aid in sending a message of wealth and importance to others. Some timeless scents known to be classic yet costly, and can signal to others an air of prestige.
• Different scents evoke different memories, and this can be an important part of human behavior. A lot of us breathe happily when we smell something that reminds us of a beloved relative, friend, or spouse. When someone wears a perfume frequently, their friends and family begin to associate that scent with their loved one.
• Believe it or not, our scent has a lot to do with how people react to us, and it can also play a role in determining whether or not potential mates are attracted to us. Recent scientific research has determined that all mammals (especially females) base a large part of their decision in choosing a mate on scent.
• Besides the fact that our scent can aid us in attracting potential mates and being well-liked by others, perfume and cologne are ultimately just very enjoyable! It is nice to have fun with your fragrance, and keep experimenting until you find a scent that is perfectly suited to your personality and lifestyle.

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