• As with designer clothes or expensive cars, a high-quality perfume or cologne can also aid in sending a message of wealth and importance to others. Some timeless scents known to be classic yet costly, and can signal to others an air of prestige.
• Different scents evoke different memories, and this can be an important part of human behavior. A lot of us breathe happily when we smell something that reminds us of a beloved relative, friend, or spouse. When someone wears a perfume frequently, their friends and family begin to associate that scent with their loved one.
• Believe it or not, our scent has a lot to do with how people react to us, and it can also play a role in determining whether or not potential mates are attracted to us. Recent scientific research has determined that all mammals (especially females) base a large part of their decision in choosing a mate on scent.
• Besides the fact that our scent can aid us in attracting potential mates and being well-liked by others, perfume and cologne are ultimately just very enjoyable! It is nice to have fun with your fragrance, and keep experimenting until you find a scent that is perfectly suited to your personality and lifestyle.

“24 Hour Freshness “


PAMOSA brings Pamovia Deodorant with:
• There is nothing more irritating than stinking body odour that hits hard and leaves people around gagging.
• This is where the importance of deodorants arises as these can really help you in smelling good.
• Deodorants have become more of a necessity for all.
• These not only help you get rid of the bad odour that your body may cause when you perspire but deodorants can also kill bacteria caused by your body odour.

Humans have always had perfumes. Maybe not in the form we have today, but early humans too appreciated having sweet-smelling aromas around them. Today, we still appreciate the smell of a good fragrance and it has become part and parcel of our attire. Cheap perfumes or cheap fragrances can now be purchased online, which is wonderful at a time when everything else is rising in cost. It is almost inconceivable for us to feel dressed, without a hint of perfume to make it complete. Being able to purchase our favorite quality perfumes cheap is a boon. From the very early days man has used naturally available products like vanilla and cinnamon as the base for creating fragrances. Aromas have always attracted humans and we strive to find smells that make us more attractive. During the late 18th century, perfumes and fragrances had a more practical use as well, as bathing was not popular during that period. It was not an easy task to draw a bath and many thought bathing lead to illness. As a result flowers and perfumes were used to mask the less than pleasant smells that emanated from the people. This was especially essential when a group of people gathered together in enclosed spaces. Scent has always been attractive to humans. The nicer the smell the more attractive we find the person. Of course the aroma has to be subtle and not overpowering. That is the secret to modern perfumes, which now combine long-lasting power with subtle aroma. Thanks to new techniques quality perfumes are now available which retain their scent right throughout the day. As with everything, smells too are individualistic. The types of smells that attract each individual vary. Some people prefer lighter floral or fruity smells, while others prefer stronger musky smells. However, there are no hard and fast rules and people are free to experiment. Normally people opt for lighter smells during the day and stronger scents for the night. Perfumes or scents react differently to different skin types. It is always wiser to dab a little from a tester to the inside of the wrist and check on the smell from time to time. If after a few hours the smell is still appealing, then the perfume should be purchased. It is hard to judge perfumes simply by sniffing from the bottle.


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