GRINOPYL – (20gm)

1. Why we used powder compare to tablet or Capsules
2. Powder found quick abortion and long time bioavability
3. We had done minimum 500 trials on patients

● Very effective in the management of all stages of Piles- even bleeding pile [Hemorrhoids].
● Improves appetite, maintains good Digestion and provides very good relief from constipation
● Grinsons Phytoherb using water extract which is 2nd company in all India.
● 100% herbal in nature
● Safe Ayurvedic proprietary medicine
● No side effect on the skin
● Instant relief on All grade of piles specially in operative/bleeding patients.
● Avoid operation in piles.
● Easy way to recover fissure by anti-inflammatory and wound healing activity
● Fistula by antimicrobial activity.
● Water extract is more potent than crude herb.
● Use of Pharmacology to study Ayurveda.
● Powder give more bio-avability and better absorption than tablets and capsule.

“Unbelievable Relief- believes it!”
Very Effective in the management of all stages of Piles



Teminalia Chibula
Bleeding in internal and external hemorrhoids, Intestinal Bleeding also covers by Wound healing activity of Teminalia Chibula Water extract. (Chebulagic acid, Chebulinic acid ,Tannic Acid )
Constipation Recover by Teminalia.

Terminalisa Bellirica – Tannic Acid
Pains in internal, external hemorrhoids within by Analgesic Activity of combination of Terminalisa Bellirica and Berberis Species. (Chebulagic acid, Chebulinic acid, Tannic Acid, Berberin)
Itching Recover by same drug combination.

Berberis Species – Berberin
Inflammation in internal and external hemorrhoids within by anti-inflammatory activity of Berberis Species. (Berberin)

Rubia Cardifolia- Mollugin
Rubia Cardifolia is used as blood purifier. (Mollugin)


Store in dry,cool place away from moisture & direct sunlight.
Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.


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