• It is 100% natural organic product.
  • It is free from all the chemical pesticide residues, which are ban all over the world.
  • There is no any harmful effect, if given in more concentration.

Effective on Powdery mildew, Downey mildew and Anthracnose.


  • It is effective on Powdery mildew, Downey mildew and Anthracnose.
  • It acts as contact action, so any fungus comes in contact with it get infected from it.
  • As soon as fungus get infected from Pamoclean, its harmful activity on plant stopped and slowly it get killed.


  • It should be strictly spread by HTP or Petrol pump.
  • The pump should be washed out nicely with water before using for Pamoclean.
  • Plant should be completely wet after spraying.
  • Spraying should be done in the manner that it is applied on both upper and lower surface of leaf.
  • Avoid spraying of Pamoclean before / after 3 days of any other chemical spray.
  • For better result use sticker.
  • Keep in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • It is not harmful for environment, animals, plants or human being, but consults a Doctor if infected.
  • Result may vary due to change in environment or method of use.

Use Instructions:

  • Spraying : 2 ml of Pamoclean in 1 ltr of water & 1 ml. of Astra in 3 ltr of water


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