Pamosa Neem – Tulsi Soap

Pamosa Neem-Tulsi Soap herbal formulation to gently cleanse and moisturize your face. The antibacterial properties of neem and tulsi blend with the hydrating and rejuvenating effects to cleanse your skin of grime, dirt and pollutants and let it breathe easy all through the day. The skin feels fresh for long.. Works as a disinfectant and heals pimples, acne and rashes. Neem-Tulsi soap is rich in natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. Good for all skin types.


  • Give your skin care regime a refreshing kickstart with PNeem and Tulsi Soap which nourishes your skin and hydrates it to perfection.
  • Infused with Neem this Soap, makes your skin free from bacteria, dirt and impurities.
  • Tulsi possesses strong anti-oxidants which prevent your skin from wrinkles and aging.
  • Helps with spots and pimples
  • Removes deep impurities
  • Refreshes the skin


Neem leaves moisturise your skin and make it soft and supple. It’s anti-fungal properties also helps lighten scars and pigmentation that are caused by acne. Neem leaves are also known to cure pimples on your face

Neem is a power ingredient when it comes to skin care. It is an essential ingredient in Ayurveda as it contains nimbin, nimbinen, nimbolide, nimandial, nin binene and a bunch of other beneficial compounds that have antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties all of which are extremely beneficial for your skin.

Moisturises skin Neem leaves moisturise your skin and make it soft and supple. It’s anti-fungal properties also helps lighten scars and pigmentation that are caused by acne.

Neem leaves can be used to make a toner for your skin.

Treats acne
Neem leaves are a godsend ingredient and a safe for oily and acne-prone skin. Since they exhibit antibacterial properties, they help keep skin free from pimple-causing bacteria and thus reduce acne. Neem oil extracted from neem leaves is a cooling, drying and non-comedogenic oil that you can use to zap excess oil from the face and keep it clean and oil-free. You can use undiluted neem oil as a spot treatment to fight acne. Reduces blemishes

Not only do neem leaves help eliminate zits but they also help you get rid of the scars they leave behind. They heal and lighten stubborn acne marks and dark spots, all thanks to the vitamin E in them. They also have healing and soothing properties which makes them a well-known remedy for acne scars.

Soothes irritated skin
If you have sensitive skin and get skin irritations easily.Neem leaves have anti-inflammatory properties, a high content of fatty acids and glycerides which help soothe irritated and itchy skin. Not only that, they can also heal serious skin issues like eczema which makes your skin red, dry and flaky

Fights signs of ageing
Neem leaves are chock-full of antioxidants, moisturizing triglycerides and vitamin E, which makes them a perfect anti-ageing treatment. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fines lines and dark spots and makes your skin look firm and toned. Besides boosting collagen and improving skin elasticity, they also protect skin from ageing signs caused by sun exposure and UV radiation


Tulsi, The Powerhouse Herb For Perfect Skin
Holy Basil better known as ‘Tulsi’ can change your skin and life for the better. Its topical and internal medicinal value is widely used both in traditional practices and in a realm of skincare. Packed with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and phyto nutrients, Tulsi is literally manna for healthy skin and hair. Tulsi is great for the skin when used externally.. Tulsi can be used to treat acne and scars, skin infections, lighten dark spots, and improve skin texture. Tulsi is rich in anti-Inflammatory properties, thus becomes a soothing agent in reducing itchiness or patchy skin problems being aroused of Skin diseases like eczema, scabies or acne.

Whether you eat raw leaves of Medicinal Tulsi or simply apply its paste on your skin, it will do wonders to your skin. Chewing 4-5 leaves of Tulsi; empty stomach purifies the blood from toxins and prevents appearance of acne and pimples.

Fade Scars and Marks:
effective in fading scars, dark spots and marks on face.lighten dark marks and spots, giving even skin tone.

Tulsi is abundant of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds, and has major effects in soothing down any inflammation on skin.

Skin Pores get enlarged with temperature change or by using harsh products, allowing dirt, and other toxins to feed into skin cells, causing acne and pimples.

Tulsi is credited with giving luster to the complexion and fostering beauty that looks young and fresher.


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